Welcome ton Infinity Sun

      Infinity Sun brings you the world’s only multi-treatment skincare
      systems based upon High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) turbine
      engineering. Our proprietary technology atomizes various treat-
      ment lotions into very fine mists, delivering highly customized,
      high quality skincare and sunless tanning elixirs for the ultimate
      beautifying experience.

      Alas, the sunless tanning application is about to go one step fur-
      ther – to the top. What really makes Salon D stand out- is the
      arrival of the one and only InfinitySun sunless multi-treatment
      tanning system to San Antonio. This is a customized, air-brush
      sunless tanning application applied by the therapist herself and
      allows a personalized, custom tanning service. A system originat-
      ing in Beverley Hills, California, the system is unsurprisingly
      linked with the stars. Hollywood, that is. InfinitySun’s rumored
      celebrity clientele includes supermodel Gisele, Mandy Moore,
      Britney Spears, soccer star David Beckham and many more.
      An all-natural system where along with the therapist, you chose the
      color intensity according to your skin type, you can also custom-
      ize the color further by choosing one of two solutions or mixing
      them both. Additional treatments are also offered such as ph-
      balanced normalization, anti-aging or shimmer options to achieve
      the perfect glow. This is not your conventional, machine-based
      tan and guarantees a longer life of up to fourteen days of lasting
      on the skin as it gradually washes off the skin after bathing or
      with the regeneration of skin cells. Tanning enhancement prod-
      ucts are also available to add that extra sparkle to glowing skin.
      Featured in Allure, OK!, Life & Style and other trend magazines,
      InfinitySun is the newest kid on the block of its kind and brand
      new to San Antonio. But now that the secret is out, run, don’t
      walk and try this tanning system yourself! But don’t worry, we
      won’t tell. For all we know, you just got back from a Caribbean
      vacation right?


    About Veraspa

         Least amount of overspray, so more solution ends up on your
         client than on your floor and walls

         Most efficient usage of solution - cost per tan is the lowest in
         the industry

         Quietest operation

         Fastest, most consistent and most even application

         By eliminating the cup attached to the spray gun and the need
         for pouring solutions, the Infinity system eliminates user errors
         associated with pouring and mixing True width control for
         quick 3-minute spray tans and customized body contouring at
         the turn of a knob delivering sunless tanning, pH balance nor-
         malization, anti- aging and shimmer treatments

         Keep track of how many spray tans have been performed on
         your Infinity Sun system

         Longest lasting, most natural looking sunless tan leaving the
         skin youthful, hydrated and radiant