Sunless Tanning

      Sunless tanning is the ‘way forward’, especially with the emerg-
      ence of skin cancer scares and the backlash of the prolonged
      use of sun tanning beds and the harmful rays they produce. The
      same result can now be achieved with the improved use of sun-
      less tanning technique, color application and machines that
      accomplish the desired look without the possibility of irreversible
      skin damage. Salon D currently offers the VersaSpa, the #1
      voice-activated sunless tanning machine system in the industry
      designed to give you the level and intensity of a sun-kissed look
      or color that you crave. Salon D is currently one of a few salons
      in San Antonio that carry the VersaSpa tanning machine. A “color
      blow-dry” for the body, a client can choose what or where they
      get tanned on the body. You have complete control in the booth
      of how you stand, what you keep on, what you take off and what
      color and or hydration system you choose for the look you want
      to achieve. An additional line of MagicTan products can also be
      purchased to optimize results for up to seven days. This topical,
      machine-based sprayed-on formula is FDA approved, safe and
      an effective formula that won’t stain clothing or hair. A recom-
      mended four hour wait after the tan is suggested to allow the for-
      mula to react with your skin’s proteins and amino acids and de-
      velop to its full potential. A one-off tanning treatment is available
      but Salon D also offers promotions and packages that increase
      longevity of your tan and cater to your tanning needs. 

    About Versaspa

      VersaSpa® Skin Care System
      Professional Results. Sunless Skin Care System.™

      MT INDUSTRIES, INC. has combined innovation after innovation
      to create the world’s first automatic skin treatment that helps
      guests bronze, hydrate, and smooth their skin in just 60 seconds.
      Innovations like a wide open interior design, an EZ-2Breathe puri-
      fication system, Comfort-Dry technology, and an intelliSENSE
      control system. We call it VersaSpa® Skin Care System. It’s still
      sunless tanning. We just revolutionized it through advanced sci-

      VersaSpa® Skin Care System also features four different full-
      body skin treatments, allowing each guest to customize their tan-
      ning application. They can choose from a pre-sunless hydration
      spray, a skin bronzing solution, an anti-aging moisturizer, or a UV
      skin-defining maximizer.

      The list of features goes on. And the list of benefits is even
      longer. VersaSpa® Skin Care System has changed the face of
      the sunless tanning industry with a variety of innovations. We
      could breakdown all of the state-of-the-art automatic spa tech-
      nologies. And try to explain the engineering behind high-volume,
      low-pressure (HVLP) turbine technology or the chemistry of the
      built-in air purification column. Instead, we invite you to experie-
      nce VersaSpa® Skin Care System for yourself. And when
      you’re finished, you’ll understand all the science you need to