Sunless tanning is the ‘way forward’, especially with the
        emergence of skin cancer scares and the backlash of the
        prolonged use of sun tanning beds and the harmful rays
        they produce. The same result can now be achieved with the
        improved use of sunless tanning technique, color application
        and machines that accomplish the desired look without
        the possibility of irreversible skin damage. Salon D currently
        offers the VersaSpa, the #1 voice-activated sunless tanning
        machine system in the industry designed to give you the level
        and intensity of a sun-kissed look or color that you crave.
        Salon D is currently one of a few salons in San Antonio that
        carry the VersaSpa tanning machine. A “color blow-dry” for
        the body, a client can choose what or where they get tanned
        on the body. You have complete control in the booth of how
        you stand, what you keep on, what you take off and what
        color and or hydration system you choose for the look you
        want to achieve. An additional line of MagicTan products
        can also be purchased to optimize results for up to seven
        days. This topical, machine-based sprayed-on formula is
        FDA approved, safe and an effective formula that won’t stain
        clothing or hair. A recommended four hour wait after the tan
        is suggested to allow the formula to react with your skin’s
        proteins and amino acids and develop to its full potential.
        A one-off tanning treatment is available but Salon D also
        offers promotions and packages that increase longevity of
        your tan and cater to your tanning needs.
        Alas, the sunless tanning application is about to go one step
        further—to the top. What really makes Salon D stand out- is
        the arrival of the one and only InfinitySun sunless multi-treatment
        tanning system to San Antonio. This is a customized,
      	air-brush sunless tanning application applied by the therapist
        herself and allows a personalized, custom tanning service. A
        system originating in Beverley Hills, California, the system
        is unsurprisingly linked with the stars. Hollywood, that is.
        InfinitySun’s rumored celebrity clientele includes supermodel
        Gisele, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, soccer star David
        Beckham and many more. An all-natural system where along
        with the therapist, you chose the color intensity according to
        your skin type, you can also customize the color further by
        choosing one of two solutions or mixing them both. Additional
        treatments are also offered such as ph-balanced normaliza
        anti-aging or shimmer options to achieve the perfect
        glow. This is not your conventional, machine-based tan and
        guarantees a longer life of up to fourteen days of lasting on
        the skin as it gradually washes off the skin after bathing
        or with the regeneration of skin cells. iTanning enhancement
      Featured in Allure, OK!, Life & Style and other trendmaga-
      zines, InfinitySun is the newest kid on the block of its kind
      and brand new to San Antonio. But now that the secrets out,
      run, don’t walk and try this tanning system yourself!But don’t
      worry, we won’t tell. For all we know, you just gotback from a
      Caribbean vacation right?
      An upcoming addition to the credentials of this mother

       daughter team are the hair styling services and expertise of
       Ashley Knoblauch who is currently training under the  guidance
       of celebrity hairdressers, Charles Moyse and Norbert
       Lemke of Dessange Paris. The “hair-dressers to the stars
       and Cannes Film Festival for over fifteen years, this  world
       renowned salon is known for attending to the tresses of our
       own Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton, Dennis Hopper and many
       others. Ashley plans to bring her international knowledge
       back to San Antonio after a stint in Paris with the Dessange
       team after perfecting her trade.
       Indeed, Dustin’s legacy lives on through his family and  friends
       who loved him and the salon named in his honor. It’s only
       befitting that Dustin was called “Mr. HollywooD” and now
       his family offers beauty services that indeed originate from
       that location. 
A force to be reckoned with in San Antonio, Salon D offers its customers top of the line products and services, especially catering to the needs of improved skincare, custom sunless tanning services and shortly, with hairstyles to “dye for”. The dragonfly, the salon’s symbol and a representation of Dustin’s free spirited nature represents happiness, change and new beginnings. It’s known to live a short life and must live its life to the fullest with the short time it has. Treat your- self with utmost care and put your trust in a place that will put your mind and body at ease, all the while by looking and feeling fabulous with the expert care team at Salon D. All services are offered by appointment only and available to both men and women..