Did you say Cellulite?

       Worried about that “Cottage Cheese” look that has crept into your
       skin tone over the years? Until recently there hasn’t been any-
       thing truly effective to treat that dreaded condition . . . cellulite.
       Now there’s Endermologie, the first patented, FDA cleared pro-
       cess proven to fight cellulite.

       What more could you ask for?
       Endermologie will help you achieve something no lifestyle
       change can. A visible improvement (footnote indicated) in those
       hard-to-treat “dimpled” areas! This brochure is designed to
       answer questions that are usually asked regarding Endermologie.
       We provide this in order for you to have the best treatment for the
       best results. We are confident that there are many people who
       would enjoy feeling and looking better.

    Your program for success

       Make an appointment with your Endermologie-certified therapist.

       Discuss your health, your lifestyle, and yes, your cellulite, with your
       Endermologie therapist to build an individualized program.

       Ask for before and after photographs to document your results.

       Expect, on average, 14 sessions.

       Spend 35-40 minutes reveling in a relaxing and pleasant
       massage-like treatment.

       And enjoy the benefits of Endermologie